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I’ve been in love with flowers my whole life, starting at a very young age.  As a young girl,  some of my favorite places to visit were The Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco, 
Vandusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, BC, 
and Keukenhof in Holland. I still love them all.http://japaneseteagardensf.comhttp://vandusengarden.orghttp://www.keukenhof.nl/en/shapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1shapeimage_3_link_2
    While still in high school, I started working part-time in a flower shop, then went on to work at flower shops in California, Washington, and New York.  I’ve worked side by side with many talented and inspiring designers.  In between, I studied Small Business Development in Vancouver and Organic Farming in Santa Cruz.  I’ve had the pleasure of walking through unbelievable gardens, picking flowers as I go, and filling the house with beautiful arrangements.  It is my favorite thing to do, as the flowers are unbelievably fresh, and quantities abundant and it is the ultimate seasonal, local harvest.
About Me
    For a few years I ran my own micro flower farm, selling flowers at the Napa and St. Helena Farmer’s Markets.  I’ve also had the pleasure of traveling to beautiful places to design flowers for weddings in remote Colorado, New York, Georgia, California, and Vancouver, BC.  Flowers are my passion, and I feel very fortunate to be able to work doing what I love.  I am deeply committed to using local, seasonal flower and botanical materials whenever possible.
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